Aireal Automation Private Limited
Aireal Automation Pvt Ltd is into manufacturing of AI-Driven Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. AiReal is a “Make in India” Product Manufacturing Company. Aireal Drones are built to handle the last mile delivery in Supply Chain and Logistics Systems. With our Patented Ai Technologies advancing in Autonomous Drone Manufacturing, AiReal Automation will have a large scope in increasing the use of Commercial Drone Delivery. We believe that last mile shipping industry is ready to go and grow in Global Markets using Drone Delivery Systems.
Tranxaction Limited
Tranxaction is an Open Banking Platform that unifies various sectors under one roof, addressing unorganised and semi-organised market places and financial communities globally. The goal being digitization of all the unorganised sectors, especially addressing the unorganised informal sectors like Fishing communities, Agricultural and Informal labour communities.
TranX Pte. Limited
TranX is a crossborder trade, payment and network platform. The TranX Real-Time Payment System is designed to support the Rural Retail, Rural Banking and Rural B2B in Asian Countries. Moving funds across the globe, particularly for value oriented Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to- Customers (B2C) transfers, which will be a healthy source of revenue for Banks and Financial Institutions. As the revenue margins for traditional corporate payments are relatively low, TranX provides White Label Banking Solutions to deliver best value to their customers while reducing time and transaction costs.