Our Team

    Dr. Anil Kumar Bavisetty


    Visionary and Co-Founder at Cristone.

    His journey in Fin-tech started successfully with many International Awards as Best Fin-tech Entrepreneur.

    He has more then 55 IPS and PCT’S in AI, Energy, Health Care, IOT, Aerospace, Space and Material Composites and few more.

    Mr. Moukthik Kiran Reddy Dharasani


    Co-Founder at Cristone, who creates value to Innovative Ideas and Intellectual Properties.

    He is Co-Founder of Payism, the first Fin-tech Start-up in Telangana State.

    His journey of success had helped Start-ups in their growth and development in global value chain markets.

    Has over 15+ years of experience in business process and operations management and a successful IT Entrepreneur.

Our Achievements